Monday, March 30, 2009

Using up natural dye liquor - Spring Cleaning

I had some pots of natural dye liquor that I've had outside in the ice and snow from last fall. One was of coreopsis blossoms. Another jar was of spent cochineal bugs that had been save and allowed to ferment on the kitchen counter. Another of spent madder roots, again left on the kitchen counter and fermented.

The madder had no colour left and was tossed. The cochineal bugs had lots of colour left and laid down a madder-like red on wool/mohair in the first dip with 200 grams of yarn. The coreopsis laid down a golden yellow, although a bit saddened compared to the yellow of fresh blossoms in summer.

I still have a pot of logwood to try. I hate to waste the colour even if its pale. It can always be overdyed.

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