Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Natural Dye Display at the Courthouse Museum

Joybilee Farm is putting together a natural dye display at the Courthouse museum with the help of the museum curator and staff.

It will include textiles dyed with eco-friendly natural dyes, plus the dye matter, and fiber dyed with it.

Natural dyes for this display include cochineal bugs, natural indigo powder, weld, yarrow, dyers chamomile, and madder.

This is part of the International Year of Natural Fibers "Threads of our Heritage" display at the Courthouse museum in Grand Forks. The show will be on till Labour Day.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Science Fair Winner - The Woad to a Sustainable Blue Phase 3

The regional science fair was yesterday in Castlegar. Sarah's project won a gold medal in the Grade 8 to 10 category, with three contenders. There was an increase in projects this year, over last year, with 12 projects in the contest for one of two spots to represent the region at the Canada Wide Science Fair in Winnipeg, this year. Sarah's was the first project chosen.

She also received a special award from BC Agriculture in the Classroom ($75) and the EnviroExpo Special Award ($100).

It was an awesome science fair for Sarah. Her project was outstanding compared to the other projects there, with a great deal of interest generated in the natural dye woad. The Selkirk College Chemistry division has offered to allow Sarah to use their lab for thin layer chromotography tests on her pigment to establish indigo purity. The Selkirk College Biology dept. has offered to allow Sarah to use their equipment to carry out dna fingerprinting on her hybrid woad plants, as well, to establish the uniqueness of the hybrid she has created.

One scientist said that Sarah's project was not grade 10 work but college level work and congratulated her for her thoroughness. The fair organizers held up her project as an example of a CWSF quality project, and suggested that all participants view her project to see how to improve their own. This will be Sarah's third year taking a project on woad indigo to the CWSF.

Kiwi came to the science fair with Sarah yesterday. What a lot of attention Kiwi received as he was carried around. We gave out every business card we had and could have given out 100 more. Kiwi is a one week old lamb that had a tramatic birth. It took him 5 days to get to the strength and vigour of a new born lamb. Now he's caught up and is a great ambassador for Joybilee Farm. You can read about it here. In his short one week life he has visited at the museum during the International Year of Natural Fiber for 4 groups of school children. He's been to the regional science fair and is due to visit a sunday school class today.
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